Monday, 2 April 2012

The incubator is set

If I was superstitious maybe April 1st wasn't the best day to set the incubator but I did. 37 eggs - 15 Exchequer Leghorn and 22 Gold Duckwing Welsummer due to hatch, all being well on St. George's Day, April 23rd.
The incubator is again in the garage, hopefully this time the temperature will remain stable. I think it is running a little cold but I am reluctant to 'fiddle' with the thermostat. The digital thermometer is showing 37 C, the mercury thermometer just on / below the 100F and the strip thermometer is all over the place (I think it got wet last time). One of the many reasons I prefer using broody hens !

The mother hen is doing a sterling  job rearing her 3 week old chicks.  A challenge last night when temperatures dipped below freezing, turning the grass crisp and white and the drinking water to ice.

The Indian Game broody has only a few more days to go before her eggs are due to hatch but I fear she maybe disappointed. She now only has 7 eggs and I'm still not happy with the air sacs. We will just have to wait and see.

Another hen has gone broody, this time an untried young Barnevelder. She seems determined and has remained settled even after her move to the broody pen. I am trying to order a clutch of Silver Laced Wyandotte eggs to hatch for a friend but with the Easter Bank holidays looming and therefore several days without post I will probably set her on a clutch of Welsummer/Maran eggs of my own.

It looks as if the Silver Grey Dorking is also considering motherhood. If she does go broody I may sell her either with eggs or with chicks. She is a favourite of mine so maybe not, only space is limited.

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  1. i have been waiting and waiting for a broody - we had one just at the wrong time when we had moved the cockerel so egg fertility down... so we gave her some duck eggs we had begged... but she gave up and we had them for tea..
    been waiting for another broody but nothing.. so to the incubator it is , and hope to have a broody to foster onto!