Wednesday 7 July 2010

Indian Game cross chicks 7- 8 weeks photos

The second hatch of 'table birds' are 7 - 8 weeks old. They have been separated from the hen for a few days and are coping fine. They are still in an enclosed run, which is moved daily, for their own protection. I am feeding them a corn mix. Cod liver oil is added approximately three times a week to give them extra vitamins etc. Cider vinegar is added to their drinking water daily. Grit is always available. They also enjoy the occasional lettuce and greens from the vegetable patch.

A Dark Laced Indian Game cockerel was put to an Ixworth, an Australorp, a Welsh Black and a Dark and Light Laced Indian Game hen.

At this stage the Ixworth cross is looking the most promising, confident, strong chicks, quick to feather and solid. The Australorp crosses follow a close second, they have just been a little slower to feather up.
Time will tell. There is still a long way to go. How quick they are to mature, final dressed weights and meat to bone ratio will all be taken into account when deciding which cross I feel is best suited to our needs.

The pure Indian game, if pullets we will keep.

Photo: Foreground: Australorp cross. Centre back: Welsh Black cross - so far the smallest.

Photo: Comparing the Australorp and Ixworth Cross

Photo: Ixworth Crosses

Photo: Foreground: Pure Indian game. Far back: Welsh Black cross. Left: Australorp cross


  1. Will be watching the outcome, very interested to see which was the best cross. We recently had a change in our flock, for egg production we now have x4 red shavers, x2 araucanas but I also kept x1 purebred IG hen and the IG rooster. Not sure if the hen will start laying this spring as she is a few years old now. We are undecided about what breed to try for better eating, but thought might cross with the IG rooster.

  2. Breeding our own crosses for the table is new to us and I have taken quite a bit of guidance from more experienced breeders. The adult pure IG hens are surprisingly heavy but I'm sure a cross will be even better. As all the crosses will be for the table I don't need to take egg production into account if I did I think I would 'do' it the other way around and use a cock from a good laying strain to IG hens.

    For now my money is on the Ixworth cross.

  3. Your birds are in fantastic condition! And a very interesting blog!

  4. Thank you Claire..on both counts :-)

    I think the key to healthy birds is not to over stock and to give as much space to roam as possible.