Monday, 26 March 2012

Fresh Air and Sunshine

At the weekend with the weather improving all the young birds were moved outdoors. They seem to thrive on fresh air and sunshine and despite having plenty of space and ventilation indoors are so much happier with grass beneath their feet and the wind in their feathers.

The older chicks reared under a heat lamp are now 6 weeks old, they are very well feathered and have a coop full of sawdust and straw to keep them warm at night.

Photo: Run for the 6 week old chicks.

The younger chicks have the mother hen to keep them snug and would have gone out earlier had their ark been ready and the weather drier.

Photo: New broody/chick ark costing only £2 for new hinges the rest made from off cuts and odds and ends

The poultry shed is now disinfected and aired ready for the next batch of chicks. I'm already collecting the eggs.

The Indian Game has 2 weeks to go before / if any of her eggs hatch. She will stay with them in the ark and run she is in now (similar to the one above) for the first couple of weeks before being moved into a larger run.

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