Friday, 23 March 2012

Light Sussex

Just over a week ago I received a dozen Light Sussex eggs through the post. They were from an 'online friend', a very experienced breeder whose Light Sussex I couldn't resist. I had planned to concentrate on hatching only from my own birds this year but the photos of his Light Sussex were superb and on all accounts their laying ability excellent. I never have enough eggs to sell at the gate, especially when collecting from the breeding pens for hatching, so good layers are always a welcome addition to the flock.

The eggs arrived beautifully and securely packed, however despite all his efforts one egg was still chipped. Fortunately the broody hen is an Indian Game and 10 eggs is her maximum( it was so difficult choosing which egg not to set ! )

Today, on day 8 I candled the eggs. 2 were clear, another 2 I'm not too sure of. But most worrying of all many of the air sacs appear to be ruptured, most probably due to rough handling by the Post Office. There was nothing more that could be done to secure the eggs for transport that hadn't been done and I rested the eggs for a good 24 hours before setting them under the broody, so now it is an anxious wait until hatch day. I have had eggs with ruptured air sacs hatch before so not all is lost, I may yet have a few stunning birds to add to next years laying flock.

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