Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Exchequer Leghorn

Next year I will introduce a new cockerel to the breeding flock, it is time for new blood.

The cockerel I have chosen ( I swapped him for my original bird ) is growing well, he is nicely marked, stands and moves well and has a good temperament. For the first year he will run with my 3 year old hens and if he proves himself will be used on this years pullets in 2014.

It will be interesting to see if the sex of the chicks hatched from this mating can be identified by their head markings. Although not recognised as a means of sexing young Leghorn chicks, a very high percentage of the ones hatched from the strain I have appear to follow the rule of 'a spot on the head' or at least a break in the colour between the back of the neck and the head indicates female. The darker the markings the more likely the chick is to be male. Maybe it is just this strain or line of birds who have the trait and by introducing a new blood I will loose it, time will tell.

I will also be keeping a young cockerel from my own birds enabling me to back breed in future years if I wish to do so.

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