Saturday, 26 February 2011

First incubator setting of 2011

This morning I filled the incubator with eggs - 41 - a mix of my own Gold DuckwingWelsummer eggs, Speckled Sussex /Indian Game and a few Exchequer Leghorns. I also added a dozen Barnevelders which I received in the post from a friend. This hatch is mainly to test fertility, so I could end up with just a few....or rather a lot of chicks. My mind is working overtime on where they will all go. I think I have it sorted, in theory at least. In ten days time when I candle the eggs I will know the maximum number of chicks likely to hatch and can work from there. The poultry shed used for brooding whilst they need heat has plenty of space. Once outside I may need another house to be built, I'll mention that to my husband at a later date.

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