Monday, 26 April 2010

Indian Game broody

The Indian Game broody has settled well and moving her from the yard to the ark in the garden doesn't appear to have disturbed her. Not that I thought it would, I don't think anything is going to. Tonight we will place a clutch of eggs under her, possibly 8 Indian Game crosses. I prefer to allow the broodies to decide, for themselves, when to leave the nest for food and drink. It's rare for them to never leave, but I am always reassured when I actually know they are doing so. This morning, just for a few minutes I saw her at the far end of the ark having a good feed and long drink, the first since Saturday.

Photo: Indian Game broody on nest

All the chicks are growing and feathering up at a rate that never fails to amaze me. The incubator chicks are now 2 weeks old and just beginning to show the start of their breast feathers. This year I used a Gold Duckwing Welsummer cockerel on the Partridge Welsummer hens and I think there may be several chicks showing the Gold Duckwing colouring, they are certainly attractive looking chicks. I am fascinated by the Indian Game cross chicks as to what their eventual colouring will be. A couple, for now, are mostly white and must be from the Ixworth cross, a couple more are showing Indian Game colouring, but the only other eggs hatched were an Australorp cross, which I had expected to be black. Maybe I mixed my eggs up, although the game eggs are very different and much smaller than either the Ixworth or Australorp.

Photo: 2 week old Indian Game cross chick, showing just the start of the breast feathers.

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