Saturday, 24 April 2010

A change of mind....

.....not because I'm a woman and it's my prerogative or because I am indecisive, but I have decided to let the Indian game pullet sit. I know in my last post I put forward all the reasons for not doing so but it was an informed decision, made on the advice of the breeder I bought her from. She was so determined to sit, breaking her was going to be difficult and would probably take almost as long as incubating a clutch of eggs. So we have given in and are going to give her a clutch.

Doing this has meant we have spent yet another Saturday, rearranging the poultry. The Welsh Black has been moved to the yard to integrate with the Indian Game flock, her Exchequer Leghorn chick has stayed with the laying flock where she will remain for the foreseeable future. The Speckled Sussex, along with her 7 chicks has been moved into the larger run, within the Layers pen. The 'A' frame ark she was in previously has been scrubbed and disinfected. This is where the Indian game broody now contentedly sits on a couple of china eggs, until I have collected her a few, hopefully fertile eggs from her flock mates.

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