Thursday, 19 August 2010

Poultry talk

Although I still have one broody sitting on a clutch of eggs, the season is coming to an end. Several of the birds have gone into moult, a few have just a little feather loss, others like the Speckled Sussex and Dorking stand with a pile of feathers surrounding them, loosing more each time they shake. The Ixworth appears to have completed her moult and is looking very smart, crisp and white.

The geese are also moulting, their feathers covering the orchard.

The growers are.... well growing. The cockerels especially are looking fine with their adult feathering coming through.

All the birds are enjoying the start of Autumn with windfall apples and plums plentiful. Everyday when I change the geese' water there is a collection of plum stones at the bottom of the pond. Watching them 'apple bob' never fails to make me smile.

This morning I watched and wondered why all the hens were gathered under the churchyard hedge, until I noticed a pigeon flying out from the elder bush scattering berries everywhere. The hens fought over every last one.

Time has also come for some hard decision making, which birds of the flock to keep and who to replace.


  1. Oh, I don't think I could make that difficult decision. We'd never make it as real farmers. We're too attached to our chickens to eat them. But we eat store bought chickens. Maybe someday we'll raise chickens for meat. But today it's just eggs.

  2. :-) The plan was to have a laying flock and a flock bred purely for the table...but...

    there is one very cute and friendly pullet amongst the table bird flock and I am desperately trying to find enough reasons to justify keeping her.

  3. Our little flock peck each other so much it's hard to tell if they're starting their moult or not! I keep thinking a nice bunch of well-behaved point of lay heavyweights would look much nicer.
    A lovely blog from you as always. Thank you.