Friday, 9 April 2010

Hatching !!

Day 20... The eggs have started to hatch !

Last night they began to rock and wobble. This morning before 6 am one had started to pip, by 8 it was out.

Several more are pipping ...... fingers crossed !! 2nd out, think it will be a while now before anymore hatch, several shells chipped but nothing more.

1.00 pm: 3rd hatched... all Welsummer

5.00 pm: 2 more hatched - 5 Welsummer

6.00 pm: 2 more hatched - 7 Welsummer

8.00 pm: 1 more hatched - 8 Welsummer

10.30 pm: 1 more Welsummer 2 Indian Game Cross 11 chicks so far

Soon I'll remove all the hatched shells, add a little more water to bring the humidity back up and leave them for the night. The brooder is set up ready in the garage with the lamp on, heating the whole area. First thing tomorrow I shall place all the chicks hatched today and any overnight hatches that are dry into the brooder.


  1. I've noticed different breeds seem to hatch at different times - with days between breeds. it will be interesting to see if you find the same

  2. The Indian Game cross eggs have pipped but to be honest I shouldn't have set them both cockerel and hens a little too young...we'll see how they go. Tomorrow is Day 21.

    When is your hatch due?

  3. Good luck ..hope all goes well : )