Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 18

Today is day 18 - The turner on the incubator has been stopped, to allow the developing chick inside the egg to get into the correct position for hatching and water has been added to the bottom tray of the incubator as per instructions, in order to raise the humidity level.

Now it is just a case of waiting for Day 21.

There are so many 'firsts' with this hatch I have to admit to being a little anxious.

This is the first time I have set eggs of my own ( own cockerel, own hens ) previously I have always bought them in.
It is the first time I have sited the incubator in the hall between the bathroom and down stair toilet.
Also the first time I have fussed less over the 'correct' humidity level. I have added less water than previous years and have also kept all vents open.

I did candle twice, first time on Day 10 when I removed 5 clear and again on Day 16 removing 3 more. So as far as I can tell all the remaining 20 eggs should be viable...if they hatch is a completely different matter.

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