Saturday, 10 April 2010

Possible final count

So far 19 out of the 20 viable eggs have hatched.

Of the 28 set, 8 were clear. 6 of these were from the Indian Game cockerel and the Ixworth and Australorp hen. All three of the birds were really too young to breed from - saying that the 4 chicks that did hatch seem strong and alert. They will be raised for the table. I will probably try a second hatch with this pen later in the season, when they all have had time to mature a little or ideally next year.

In contrast of the 18 Welsummer eggs set only 2 were clear - both from the same hen. Of the remaining 16 -15 have hatched. I will give the remaining one a little longer but don't hold out too much hope for it.
The cockerels from this hatch will be dispatched as soon as they can be identified, the best of the pullets we will keep to add to the breeding flock.

For now the 11 chicks that hatched before 10.30 last night have been moved to the brooder. The 8 who hatched overnight and this morning are still drying in the incubator and will be moved late this afternoon. A decision will be made at that time on the final egg.

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