Monday, 5 April 2010

Candling - Day 16

I was going to wait until day 18 to candle the eggs again. Day 18 is when I stop turning the eggs and fill the bottom tray of the incubator with water to increase the humidity, to aid hatching. However impatience got the better of me !

Of the two suspect eggs - 1 Welsummer and 1 Indian Game cross, only the IG was dud. All the Welsummer look fine as far as I can tell.

2 other IG eggs had stopped developing so now I have only 4 of the 10 IG x eggs set. I shouldn't really have set any IG eggs, as the cockerel is still very young as are the hens, but I was curious.
As the young produced will be for eating I thought it would do no harm to try and hatch a few. If they were for breeding as the Welsummer may well be, or at least for egg laying it really is best to only hatch from birds in their 2nd year. The cockerels, of this breed, are also earlier to mature.

Of the 18 Welsummer eggs set 16 still look viable.

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