Sunday, 4 April 2010

First cut of the year

Finally the rain has stopped long enough to be able to top the grass in the layers run. Considering the long dreadful winter we have had the grass has held up remarkably well. There are a few bare patches around the hen house, mostly by the back door and nest box where I tread, rather than damage caused by the hens. Hopefully these areas will green up once the grass really gets going. Frequently topping the grass, keeps it at the right length for the hens and also encourages it to tiller so thickening it at the base.
There are a few 'pot holes', mostly around the fence perimeter, which I would like to fill in at some stage. It will most likely mean fencing a strip off to prevent the hens from scratching at the soil and grass seed.

The crab apple and rowan tree in the run are just coming into bud. The dogwoods and ornamental bramble are also beginning to shoot, these have been fenced for a few weeks now, as the hens love the new shoots. As soon as the shrubs are in full leaf they tend to be left alone. The zebra grass is just starting to show signs of life and if it survives will provide the hens with a good area of shelter.

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