Monday, 15 March 2010


Barring accidents or illness there is no reason now why the young Leghorn chick shouldn't survive. At three weeks old it is developing fast, with new feathers appearing daily. It is quite settled now, familiar with it's surroundings and daily routine.

The small ark they are in is moved each day to provide fresh ground. In a couple of weeks time they will be moved into a larger run within the Layers pens. The run will give them more space, allow all the birds to become familiar with each other and most importantly will enable both mother hen and chick to build up an immunity to any 'bugs' existing in the established flock.

One of the Dorkings came back into lay over the weekend and I am grateful for her large white egg. As I am now collecting all the Welsummer eggs for incubating at the weekend, the eggs available for sale are somewhat limited both in number and colour variation.

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