Thursday, 11 March 2010

Test hatch

I have decided it is time to set a test hatch of Welsummer eggs, in the incubator as no broodies appear forthcoming. I'm not too sure how fertile the eggs are. I have seen the cockerel treading at least one of the hens, however they are still running faster than he is and I think it is more through luck than skill that he manages to catch them.

This weekend I shall turn out the incubator, give it a thorough clean and set it working to ensure it is holding the temperature steady. Throughout next week I shall collect the eggs and hopefully will have a reasonable amount to make it worthwhile. I was hoping to set a few Australorp and Ixworth eggs at the same time but both birds appear to have slowed down in their laying. I should also wait a couple more weeks to ensure they are fertile to the Indian Game.

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