Friday, 19 March 2010


Tomorrow I shall set the Welsummer eggs I have been collecting over the past few days. I have disinfected the incubator and set it running to check all is in working order.
I am going to try a new position for it. I have only used the incubator a few times and not with a great deal of success. A combination, I think, of sheer ignorance initially on the siting of the incubator, along with poor quality eggs of unknown source. This time the eggs come from my own birds, who are a good example of their breed, are fit and healthy and who are now in their second year of laying. I have also been careful with the collection and storage of the eggs. So as long as the cockerel is fertile I stand a greater chance of success from the out set.

The incubator is on top of a shelving unit in the hall way, free from draught and temperature variation, also any sunlight. It is close to the bathroom, so hopefully will have sufficient humidity and being out of reach, most importantly, I am less likely to 'fiddle' !

For so many reason I prefer a broody but this way I can test fertility and can also, theoretically, hatch more at a time.

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