Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chick progress

As planned, on Saturday afternoon we put the mother hen and her chick outside in the small 'A' frame ark we use for the broodies. For the past few days the wind has, again, been bitterly cold but the ark is in a sheltered position between the shed and greenhouse with a hedge behind, also the wooden frame of the ark is quite high so for now the chick has a little extra protection. It seems to be warm enough, happily dashing around, scratching at the ground and running to its mother's call for food, only occasionally snuggling into her feathers for warmth.
It is also growing more feathers daily, so is able to keep itself warmer. As well as the wing and tail feathers it now has a few back feathers, just below it's head on both shoulders, giving the impression of 'angel wings'. In a few more days the breast feathers should start to emerge. It will then stop looking like a 'cute little fluffy chick' and more of a scruffy individual.
Already it is eating the corn it's mother crushes for it as well as the chick crumbs I provide and readily drinks the water with added cider vinegar. So hopefully it should continue to progress, it is just a shame it is the only one.

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