Saturday, 20 March 2010

Eggs Set

28 eggs set - 18 Welsummer - split for Duckwing. 10 - a mix of Australorp and Ixworth to an Indian Game Cockerel.

Hopefully 21 days from now at least a few will hatch.

The incubator has been running empty for a couple of days. The temperature has remained remarkably constant. We have been taking recordings every minute using a 'gizmo' that downloads the information collected onto the computer.

It has now been re set to record the temperature every 10 minutes throughout the 21 day incubation period. It should be interesting to see the results.

At first it was running at 37 C, after a slight tweak it is now running at 37.5 C.

When I first put the eggs in, as expected the temperature dropped. It then alarming went up to nearly 39 C but very quickly dropped again and is now gradually increasing to the optimum 37.5C. I wasn't expecting the rise in temperature.

As advised in the instruction leaflet I haven't added any water for now.

In 10 days time I shall candle the eggs for fertility.

All fingers crossed....and tomorrow I am sure to have a hen or two go broody !


  1. I have been thinking of turning on an incubator and setting some eggs. It feels like spring, I think I should...

    Best of luck with your hatch!

  2. Thanks for the best wishes.

    I think you should : )

    The hens certainly think it's time to start hatching, I am now getting broodies.