Wednesday, 25 May 2011

FOR SALE - Exchequer Leghorn pullets


The Exchequer Leghorn 'chicks' are now 11 weeks old. They are free ranging a large area and are fully independent. The cockerels have started to crow and unfortunately their time is limited.

Despite their reputation as being flighty these birds are quiet and inquisitve. They rush to you rather than away from you, to the extent they are often in danger of being trodden on.

In such a short time they have gone from this...

to this ......

to the fine looking birds in the first photo.

In just a couple of months the pullets should be coming in to lay. Leghorns are early to mature and often start to lay from appproximately 20 weeks of age. They are prolific layers. At first the eggs are quite small but soon become the large pure white eggs the breed is renowned for.


  1. hi do u have any pol exchecker leghorns? may be interested in a cockrel too if u got one


    Tony 07762 696169

  2. Hi Tony,

    I'm sorry all my 2011 birds have been sold. I have Exchequer Leghorns of 7 weeks old - off heat and am continuing to hatch throughout the season. I'm happy to reserve birds for you if you would like me too.