Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Behavioural changes

There have been subtle changes in the behaviour of the geese over the past few weeks, indicative of the start of the breeding season.

Many geese have already started to lay - Valentines day being the traditional day for geese to start laying - but my own pair (kept because of Henry's grand age) are old and for them egg laying starts later each year.

The signs, however are there. Henry, normally quite placid is becoming feisty, not only with strangers but also with me.

At feed time the old gander will stand back and allow the goose to feed first. Very different to a couple of months ago when she often received a sharp peck if she tried to eat along side him.

The gooses' bill and legs are becoming deeper in colour and her keel is dropping. She is also spending the nights and much of her time during the day close to the shelter. Although there is no nest as yet, it must surely only be a matter of days now.

If she lays I will leave the eggs for her to brood but I would be surprised if the eggs are fertile.

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  1. Oh this brought back fond memories of our geese - we lost our gander Jo in June 2010. The geese some years before due to natural causes. We have lived in this house for 20 years now - seems strange and quiet without the geese, but we have the hens - never a dull moment.