Monday, 3 January 2011

Little Black Hen

Our little black hen is a law onto herself... a free spirit. She hatched a couple of years ago from a mixed clutch of eggs I had bought from a local breeder. The eggs were supposed to be from breeds suitable for rearing for the table.
It was clear from very early on that she was a cross bred hen, possibly of Leghorn decent and therefore more favoured towards laying than fattening.

From the start her spirit shone through, which combined with proving herself to be an exceptional layer secured her a place in a flock that originally was to be of true breeds only.

She has lived for the past year with the 'table bird' flock, having free range of a large area. Some days she chooses to mix with the flock, responding to the call of the Indian Game cockerel and roosting at night with them in the safety of the house. Other days she wanders alone and roosts at night on the rafters of the feed barn.
For the past week she has taken herself off each morning to the churchyard, where she happily spends the day, only returning occasionally to feed on the corn offered.

In the next few weeks my plan is to put together the breeding groups, the little black hen was to come home and live with the 'layers', however I am reluctant to restrict her freedom.

1. Little black hen with part of the flock.

2: Already plotting her escape.

3: Maybe this way, through the apiary ?

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