Saturday, 5 June 2010

Exchequer Leghorn chicks 1st photo

Not very clear ... but my first sighting of the new arrivals. I haven't seen all the chicks yet, the hen is being a very good mother and keeping them safe from danger, but all 8 have hatched. She has left the nest and is brooding them in the center of the pen. Before she heard me coming and called them to her a few were eating and drinking, so it looks as if all may be well.

If the weather stays fine over the next couple of days I will transfer her to the A frame ark. Grass, fresh air and exercise works wonders.


  1. Hurrah! They look beautiful! And not a boy among them... er... maybe!
    Well done! Ken

  2. I have a feeling there may be many boys :) but for now they are all lovely.

  3. great :)

    im afraid i could not spot the boys in exqueueurs for ages

  4. I am hoping that if I am able to get some good photos Dave of Castle Farm may be able to help..he's pretty accurate,something to do with the markings on the head. There's no rush as I aim to keep them for a while.