Thursday, 24 June 2010

Chicks and poults - photo update

The turkey poults are now just over a week old. I am so pleased the hen took to them, it is so much nicer than an artificial brooder. The poults are very bold and friendly and trying to clean the pen and feed them without any escaping is becoming more challenging by the day. Another week and they will probably be big enough to move to the stable

The Exchequer Leghorn chicks are 3 weeks old. They are feathering up well but are still very dependent on the mother hen for guidance and are still brooded by her for a surprising amount of time considering the warm weather. They frequently ride on her back. In a couple of weeks time they will go into a bigger pen, when we have yet another poultry 'move around'.

The mixed group of chicks hatched by the Indian Game, at 6 weeks are at the 'scruffy' stage, looking at times like little vultures. The cock birds amongst them are beginning to spar and although still attentive I feel the mother hen wouldn't object too strongly if I separated her from them. I am just waiting for the chicks to grow a little more so they are less likely to fall prey to any corvid.

At 10 weeks old the mixed flock of table birds and Welsummers are doing really well, lively, bright and everything I could ask for. A couple are already standing out to be promising birds. As soon as the new area at the yard is fenced and their new home renovated they will be moved on. The table birds amongst them will be moved at a later date into their own pen. I will select between four and six of the Welsummer pullets to add to my flock, the rest I will try to sell.

Photo: 10 week old Gold Duckwing Welsummer

Finally the very first chick of this year to hatch, back in February, a Exchequer Leghorn pullet now 18 weeks old and not too far off laying.


  1. Thanks for the update on your beautiful birds. I've been wondering how they are all doing. Our turkey poults are 1 month old today and flying all over their "playpen" in the hay barn - it's definitely time for a move to a bigger place. The fostered chicks are all doing well, though 1 was out and running loose in the barn last night & I have no idea how it escaped. Poor Mama was beside herself. Enjoy the day/evening.

  2. Hi Marianne, I was amazed at how well feathered your turkeys are. They are looking really well :)

    Poor mother hen, she has obviously fully accepted them, although you can tell that by your photos ( which are beautifully clear. I'm still struggling to get used to my new camera)

    What breed are the chicks? I look forward to more updates. Are you keeping any of the turkeys for breeding?

  3. Hi Sandra,
    The roosters are both Ameraucana & we have a bunch of hens: Gold and Silver Wyandottes, a Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, a Brahma Feather Footed, Buff Orpington, a Barred Rock, and your guess on what the chicks will be.

    We are hoping to process 1/2 the turkeys and keep the other 1/2 for breeding. The ideal would be 3 hens + 1 Tom for each of the Bourbon Red & Narragansett. I read Barbara Kingsolver's book about her year of eating locally and there is a chapter about her trying to get her Bourbon Reds to breed - that's where I found the idea. My husband would prefer I stop reading & internetting due to the significant amount of ideas I come up with.

    What type of camera did you get? We are wanting to buy a new one - smaller in size for the barnyard, more zoom, but not as advanced as having lenses, etc. Your pictures come out very well.

    Looks like the lambs have pulled down the electronet fencing, so I'm off to the pasture. Good day!