Thursday, 18 July 2013

Has it really been that long ? !

I can't believe it is so long since I last posted. Even my quick up to date news is out of date !

Time has past in a haze of grass cutting, house cleaning, egg collecting and of course chicks hatching.

It has been a good season, with many strong , healthy chicks making an appearance, albeit a high proportion being male. Fertility and hatch rate has been excellent.

Many birds have gone to new homes. I have 20 to go in the next couple of weeks when they reach POL - a misleading term I feel as generally POL is considered to be 18 weeks of age but I find many of the more traditional breeds don't actually come into lay until 21 + weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to set the incubator, possibly for the last time this year. I will then break up the breeding pens and re organise the birds into different groups.

Photos: Exchequer Leghorn pullets now in a home in Cornwall

 Photo: A few of the 20 pullets off to a new home in a couple of weeks

 Photo: 8 week old chicks (showing mostly the cockerels) ready for sale.

To keep up to date take look here. I tend to post more regularly on this page as it is so much easier.

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