Thursday, 17 March 2011

Exchequer Leghorn - day old

The novice Indian Game broody has done remarkably well, 10 eggs set, 10 fertile. 10 hatched, 10 chicks and so far they are all still alive despite the occasional flattening by a rather heavy footed Mum – thank goodness for soft ground!

Most of the chicks hatched yesterday and by midday today the mother hen decided it was warm enough for a quick explore outside. There was just enough time for a drink and feed before the cry of a buzzard overhead sent them scurrying inside.


  1. Thank you : ) I am so pleased with them all 14 set - 10 under the broody and 4 in the incubator were fertile and they hatched very quickly from hardly pipping to a chick in no time. Strong chicks too.

    All I need now is for some of them to be girls.