Monday, 3 September 2012

2012's breeding season has come to an end.

This week will see the final 'sort out' of the seasons growers and chicks. The last of the mother hens are ready to move back to their flock, their chicks now fully feathered. The male chicks will be culled and the females grouped together in one large pen.

 The oldest of the Welsummer growers, being kept as future breeding birds are close to POL and will be moved into large grass pens at the yard. Leaving just the last few, younger Welsummer pullets at home.

 The Exchequer Leghorns are still waiting for their new house to be put into place and then they too will be moved on.

All the broody arks will be scrubbed and the wood treated, ready for next season. The 'nursery' area left empty to rest over winter.

2012's breeding season has come to an end.

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