Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rain and 'to do list'

July already and so much to catch up on - not only virtually (as in updating this biog ) but also in the 'real' poultry world.

Despite the awful cold and very wet summer the season has been successful. The hens are laying, the eggs are hatching, the chicks growing and the young cockerels crowing.

This weekend, with the promise of dry, sunny weather we plan to have a sort out of the young cockerels.There are some very nice, well marked birds amongst the group. I will select a few as replacements, offer some for sale ( so if you are interested drop me a line ) and the rest we will cull for the freezer.

I still have a couple of  broodies with eggs due to hatch over the next two weeks and a small number in the incubator from a broody who changed her mind. These will probably be my last hatches of the season.

If the weather remains dry we will hopefully be able to cut the grass pens, paddock and orchard, as well this weekend, as despite all our efforts the grass has grown longer than I prefer to keep it.

We also have all we need - other than dry days - to fence a couple more pens. So if the weather stays as forecast we will have a busy weekend ahead of us.

The 'to do list' for this summer is endless.

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