Sunday, 10 June 2012

So far so good

We are now into the second week of June and despite the awful, changeable, unpredictable weather the birds are coping well. Egg numbers are high and the chicks and growers are - growing.

Sales have been amazing with the young birds selling as soon as they are ready and a waiting list for more. I have been hatching all the eggs I can only selling the odd dozen hatching eggs here and there.

There has been a lull in broodies recently so I have had to resort to using the incubator for the turkey eggs. They are due in a couple of weeks along with a few Exchequer Leghorn eggs. It is the first time I have set a mixed hatch a week apart in the incubator, so I hope all goes well.

 It will be the last hatching of Exchequer Leghorns this season as I have broken up the breeding pen. I have swapped my breeding cock for a younger cockerel.He is a little younger than I was expecting but if he grows well I may do a late test hatch.

My latest hatch was this weekend  - 10 very lively, strong  Gold Duckwing Welsummers. They were hatched and will be reared by a Speckled Sussex. From the clutch I hope to keep, possibly 4, of the Silver pullets for myself. I also intend to keep a few of the Exchequer Leghorns that are now 3 weeks old as replacements and a couple of Partridge Welsummer pullets too.

The Light Sussex I hatched from eggs I bought in are now 9 weeks old.I couldn't be more pleased with them, 6 very nice pullets who will become valued members of my laying flock.

I have also kept a pen of different breed cockerels. When they have matured a little I will select a few to keep back, the rest to sell or to put in the freezer.

So - so far so good.


  1. all sounds like it is going well :)

    I must sort out advertising my blue marans

  2. Would you like me to add a link on my Facebook page. Happy to do so.