Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gold Duckwing Welsummer - successful hatch

I can't help but be pleased with the performance of the Gold Duckwing Welsummers this year. The hens have laid extremely well, they have exceeded the Leghorns both in egg number and size and the shell colour has been good. Fertility has been high - often 100%. The latest setting of 13 eggs under a broody resulted in 12 strong, lively chicks. Earlier hatches have grown and feathered quickly.


The latest hatch
. Day olds - 'called to order'

'feed time'

'one missing'

The previous hatch of Gold Duckwing Welsummers are now 5-6 weeks old. All six chicks turned out to be pullets, a pleasant change from earlier hatches.Only one has the partridge colouring.

At 6 weeks the mother hen is ready to leave them and return to the flock, The young are fully feathered and at the not quite chick nor adult stage.

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  1. that is really good going, im so pleased for you. I love their colouring too