Sunday, 10 July 2011

7 Weeks Old

Photo: 7 week old Welsummers and Sussex mix.

Photo: 7 Week old Partridge Welsummer cockerels

The Partridge Welsummers and Sussex mix chicks are now 7 weeks old and today was their first day in an open pen. They have grown well and I hope are now big enough not to attract the attention of the neighbourhood Buzzards and resident Sparrowhawk.

They have spent most of their time close to the pen perimeter, feeling safer and less exposed than in the open. They have chased bugs, scratch around and dust bathed, they have also sampled potato leaves.. not such a good idea.

Tonight the fun will begin when they go to roost/or not in their new house.


  1. great..nice artical publishing by you...appreciate on you...thanks for giving detail on traditional breeds..

    happy after reading your blog....


  2. it is lovley when they are let out to do chickeny things.

    yes.. we did have fun and games rounding ours up on the first night... but they got the hang of it after that (thank goodness!)