Thursday, 7 April 2011

Re testing the fertility of the Indian Game cockerel

As I now have a broody ( several in fact) I thought I would take the opportunity to re test the fertility of the Indn Game cockerel. It has been a couple of weeks since he was penned with just four birds. (Actually they have been free ranging again since the weekend as I needed to prepare the stable for the imminent arrival of lambs.)

I chose the Light Laced Indian Game broody as she succe
ssfully reared a couple of broods last year.

Yesterday I placed her in the A frame ark in the garden away from the layers.

Last night I gave her a dozen eggs - a mix of Australorp, Speckled Sussex and Ixworth. Each one I gave her she quickly tucked under her, but this morning I realised 12 were just too many for her, so removed three. She is a small bird and the eggs are large, she sits much more comfortably on just 9.

In 10 days time I will candle the eggs and hopefully this time they will be fertile.

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