Thursday, 7 April 2011

3 week old chicks

The 1st chicks of the year to hatch are now three weeks old. They are developing well and feathering up nicely. It is interesting to note that the chicks reared artificially are bigger and a little further ahead than those reared by the broody.

The Exchequer Leghorn chicks with the broody hen have been moved into a larger run, freeing the ark for yet another hatch. They seem happy with the extra space and it gives the mother hen room to 'get away' from them and enjoy her dust bath in peace...well for a few moments at least.

The chicks hatched in the incubator are still in the poultry shed. From the start the door has been open during the day and closed at night. With the warm weather of past few days and the fact that they are feathering up nicely I have been turning their heat lamp off during the day. In addition to chick crumbs they enjoy a twice daily feed of dandelion leaves, goose grass and the occasional apple.

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