Monday, 1 November 2010

Hens on holiday

Yesterday Margo & Co arrived for their months holiday. They are staying with us whilst their owners are enjoying a holiday of their own.

It is the first time I have taken in poultry on a temporary basis.

For both their own well being and that of my flock they are being kept separate.

Their night time and wet weather accommodation is the poultry shed, which has been thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected. An enclosed area at the back of the shed is for roosting and laying, a larger area to the front of the shed is for them to scratch around in, to feed and drink and to watch the world
go by through the wire door.

Most days they will be outside in a large grass run, only returning to the shed to roost.
On the days they are confined they will have greens hung up to peck at and a dust bath to bathe in.

They already seem quite settled and like so many 'spent' hens ( these came from a large free range unit) are very calm and tame. Today I collected 2 eggs from the 3 hens so they appear to be laying

I just hope they 'enjoy' their stay and that their owners return to three healthy happy hens.

Photo: Nov. 3rd 1st day on the grass

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