Friday, 22 October 2010

Integrating new birds

The two maran pullets have been with us for almost 2 weeks. At first they were isolated in a house and run in the garden, away from the rest of the flock. This gave me and them the opportunity to become familiar with one another and to establish a routine. Mostly though it allowed time for any symptoms of illness to show.

Yesterday evening, after they had gone to roost, I moved them into a larger house
and run within the general pen. This will help the birds to become use to one another before they are integrated fully.

On waking the established flock were non too pleased to discover 2 strangers in their midst and have been complaining loudly all day, running to the gate each time I go in to express their displeasure.

After a few more days I will open the run door and the birds can mix at will. From past experience I have noticed any newcomers, although happy to mix during the day prefer to roost in their old house before building up enough confidence to join the main flock at night. This is fine by me, they can have as much time as they feel they need.

The 'welcoming' committee.

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