Monday, 13 September 2010

Poultry round up

A quick update on the poultry.

The latest hatch are now a week old and with the glorious weather at the weekend they ventured outside. Full of excitement they spent the day racing around exploring their new world, ignoring the hen's desperate effort to bring them to order by calling them to food.

The youngest Exchequer Leghorn chicks are 14 weeks old and are enjoying their extra space. They are constantly on the go foraging for food and are confident in the presence of the older birds.

Photo: 1. Exchequer Leghorn 14 weeks.

2. Exchequer Leghorn 29 weeks ( sadly a poor example who will be kept for laying purposes only)

3. Exchequer Leghorns enjoying the sun dust bathing

At 21 weeks the pullets of the first batch of table birds are getting close to lay. They are exceptionally friendly birds and I am tempted to keep them as extra layers, for now at least, as the demand for eggs is greater than I can supply.


  1. The new hatch is absolutely beautiful. I'm envious!

  2. Thank you. Sadly, they are soon going to their new home.