Monday, 6 September 2010

Chicks - photos

The chicks have hatched.
Mid morning on Saturday the hen had taken her chicks off the nest. She had left behind a pipped but unhatched egg. It is unusual for a hen to leave the nest if an egg is actually pipping so I guess she knew, for whatever reason the chick had died.
Although the photo only shows five chicks we do have six, a little Cream Legbar boy is just out of shot.

So from the nine set we have six lovely sturdy chicks. 2 Barnevelders, 2 Barnebars, 1 Barnevelder over Barred Rock and 1 Cream Legbar.
The mother hen is very attentive to her chicks but more than happy for us to handle them and already a couple are feeding from my hand.
For now they are still in the poultry shed as the forecast for the next few days is heavy rain. As soon as the weather improves they can go into the A framed ark on the grass.

Photo: On the right the little Cream Legbar boy, so small in comparison to his hatch mates

All six


  1. Love the little chicks! So cute. :~)

    The Chicken Keepers

  2. Thank you. They are lovely. I hatched them for a friend and will have to return them soon.