Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Turkey eggs

Today the turkey eggs I ordered have arrived. They were well packed and as far as I can tell have survived the journey. I haven't candled them for any signs of ruptured air sacs yet, they are resting now. Tomorrow evening I will place them under the broody Speckled Sussex. It is the first time I have used a broody hen. Incubation time for turkey eggs is 28 days, a week longer than a hens. I am just hoping she goes the distance, already she has been sitting for about 10 days. The eggs are a mix of Bronze and Whites. I bought 6 as I thought a dozen would be too many for her to cover, as it is I was sent 7, which should be ideal.

Photos: 1: Turkey eggs - a mix of Bronze and Whites. 2: Different size eggs L-R Goose, Turkey, Hen

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