Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Broodies and Hatching eggs

Despite the fact that the goose still hasn't laid a single egg, the breeding season is under way.

Today I added a small amount of water to the incubator, the instruction leaflet recommends you do so after day 2, only refilling the dish provided, once it is completely empty. Today is day 4 but with the atmosphere being so humid I was in no rush to do so. I usually candle the eggs between day 10 and 12 but as the Welsummer eggs are so dark I'm not sure how successful it will be.

The broody Sussex has been moved into the shed at home and so long as she remains settled throughout today, I will place the eggs under her tonight. I am hoping she will turn out to be a good sitter and mother. She is very gentle, growls very loudly and fluffs her feathers up to make herself twice her size but she makes no attempt to peck...thank goodness, some broodies can become quite vicious.

The Welsh Black and her single Exchequer Leghorn chick have been moved, with their ark into the layers run. The laying flock, surprisingly, have only shown a passing interest. Maybe the dreadful weather has dulled their curiosity.
The Welsh Black has come back into lay, her chick is just over 4 weeks old. I thought she was close to doing so as her face and comb had started to redden and every time I went near she adopted the crouching position. I am quite impressed, it indicates a good layer. It was months after raising her brood that the Dorking started to lay again.

.....and the goose, well there is the beginning of a nest starting to take shape in the goose house, so maybe I won't give up all hope just yet.

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