Tuesday 16 April 2013

First broody hatch of 2013

The Indian Game hen has hatched 8 of the 9 eggs placed under her 21 days ago.The 9th chick sadly failed to hatch despite having pipped all around the shell.

The hen is one, if not the best of my broody flock. 

At the end of November last year, she hatched and raised 17 chicks from 19 eggs, despite the dreadful winter and she is the first and so far only bird to have gone broody this season.

I have four of her November pullets for sale, but as she is now 'getting on' in years I think I may keep a couple, hoping they will be as good a broody as their mother.

However for now a photo of 2013's first chicks to be hatched naturally - for me the best way. There is nothing like a mother hen and her chicks.

Photo: Indian Game hen and 3 of 8 Gold Duckwing Welsummer chicks



  1. she has a great expression!

    no broodies here yet :( i too prefer to see chicks with a mother hen

    1. She is much friendlier than she looks and is a great mum.