Sunday 2 December 2012

Update - A few photos

Two weeks on and the young chicks are thriving. They are growing well and their feathers are coming through giving a hint of their colour and markings.

It isn't the most economic time of year to be raising young birds as I have been providing them with a little extra heat and light and they are still indoors rather than on grass and probably will be for several weeks to come.
Once the turkeys have gone at Christmas they can be moved to the stable where they will have more room to scratch and climb about.They are a pleasure to watch though and any pullets should be POL around Easter time.


The turkeys have grown well and as always have been nothing but a joy to raise - so entertaining and full of character.

 All of the birds I have kept back from this years breeding season are now reaching maturity. They are looking well and many of the pullets have started to lay.