Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hens can't multi task

As well as selling eggs at the gate I have over time built up a number of regular customers who place a weekly order.

Previous to buying from me, they bought from the supermarket, where no matter the time of year as many eggs as they required were available and many are unfamiliar with the natural way of poultry.

With the coming of winter and the shorter daylight hours most birds will go into moult and egg numbers tend to drop along with the feathers.The birds are putting all their energy into new growth and also resting their bodies ready for the next breeding season.

With fewer eggs to sell I have been unable to meet all my orders - (this years pullets having come into lay help a little) -  so I asked my daughter to explain to her work colleagues that the hens are unable to lay and grow new feathers.

When I asked in the evening did they mind the lack of eggs and did she say why...she replied

" no they didn't mind,  I told them 'Mum said hens can't multi task' "

1 comment:

  1. good answer :)

    getting no eggs here at the mo. hopeful they will come into lay at xmas