Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Two broodies together

I'm sure I will rue the day
but I have two broodies sitting together in the same house.

The broody who was originally sitting in the shed on the Welsummer eggs, decided after two days enough was enough. By the time I discovered her change of mind the eggs were only slightly warm. Not ideal so early on in the incubation period, the further on they are the greater chance they have.

However I did have two hens sitting tight on fresh air in the layers house, so with nothing to loose I divided the abandoned clutch between the two hens. They instantly snuggled down on the eggs, you could almost see the smile of satisfaction on their face.

With all the other laying hens now at the yard, the two broodies have the house to themselves, one sitting each end of the nest box.

My plan was to candle the eggs at 10 days and then combine the viable eggs under one hen but they seem to thrive on each other's company, both leaving the house together at the same time, feeding together, dust bathing together and then returning together to the house, each to their allotted space and clutch of eggs, with no attempt to steal from each other.

For now I am tempted to leave it just so. Will I regret it once the chicks ( if there are any) start to hatch...most probably ! Time will tell.

In the meantime the orignal mother- to- be of the eggs is back with the flock, showing no signs of regret. However I have made a mental note of her lack of dedication.


  1. What a good thing you're so observant! The whole arrangement seems ideal for everyone. Lucky hens and a cheerful story to read first thing this morning!

  2. well they look comfy enough :)