Monday, 11 October 2010

New flock members

As of today my flock number has increased by two. The laying flock now boasts the addition of two beautiful Cuckoo Maran pullets, layers of lovely dark brown eggs.
I have been thinking of getting a couple of marans for a while now. The eggs will be a valued addition to sales and I am interested to see how any off spring from crossing with the Indian Game cockerel compare to other crosses as table birds

For now the birds are in quarantine, in a movable ark on the lawn. After a week or so I will place them in a separate run within the layers pen before letting them run free with the rest of the flock.
They are smashing looking birds, confident, healthy and alert, settling in well to their new surroundings.


  1. they look nice. I plan to get some cuckoo maran hatching eggs next year.

  2. Very handsome! I nearly bought some myself but chose Speckledy instead as I hadn't had any before.

  3. Oops...just sent a comment but it seems to have gone awry. We had Cuckoo Morans in our first flock and I miss their beautiful eggs. My nephew was sure disappointed that they weren't chocolate inside.
    All the best...