Thursday, 30 September 2010


A few photos of the turkeys taken at the weekend- 14 weeks old (for CIG )

Photo 1: 3 stags in the foreground hen at the back

Photo 2: Hen on the far right of the photo

Photo 3: Hen again farest to the right

Photo 4: 2 stags and hen

Photo 5 : Stags displaying

Photo 6 : and yes they are ugly but lovely! Both stags


  1. they are ugly. but yes.. charming

    mine look about the same size. how will they hold out till thingymas?

    how do you know when the are ready?

  2. I think if you go by the Organic standard they must be at least 140 days - 20 weeks before slaughter.

    Other years mine have been fine up until Christmas, they do waddle but are still very able to fly up unto anything they wish to and run at a fair pace. I'm sure they don't suffer with their weight. I provide bales of straw for them to roost on, easier on their breasts and no heavy landing from a height.

    Their growth does slow a little, probably from about now.

  3. ours have a straw bale for perching on.. they seem to like it and its insulating etc :)

  4. Hi Sandra!
    Your turkeys seem so...calm. Ours move at the speed of light, so I can barely get a good shot of them. We had all 16 out the other day and it was chaos. They are now 18 weeks old. Some have a date with the processor at 25 weeks and a few will stay on with us for (hopefully) breeding.
    Thanks for sharing the these great pictures.

  5. Hi Marianne,

    Nice to hear from you again. I hope you had a really good time away.

    The turkeys are ridicuously tame, getting under my feet the whole time, always nosing into whatever I am doing. It makes cleaning their stable difficult as they insist on jumping into the barrow. Each day they wait by the hedge waiting for me to pick them blackberries.

    These are all for Christmas but I still haven't ruled out breeding them one day.