Thursday, 17 June 2010

Turkey eggs hatching - update

We now have four turkey chicks (poults) with the two remaining eggs pipping. If they successfully hatch it will 6 out of 6, amazing considering all they have been through.

At 11.30 pm yesterday the egg that had been pipping since midday was beginning to make headway and the other not too far behind. By 4.30 am today both had hatched and the two remaining eggs had cracks in them.

At 7.00 am we placed the three eldest chicks under the broody, leaving the youngest in the incubator to dry out a little more, to become stronger and also to encourage the remaining two to hatch.

.......more to follow

9.15 am 5th egg hatched.. 4 white 1 bronze

1 egg remaining, should be a bronze

10. 15 am 4th chick under sign of any dead bodies so fingers crossed she has accepted them.

12.00 Final chick hatched, so 100% not the mix of Bronze and Whites I thought I had purchased but that's not too important. final count 5 whites 1 bronze.

All I have to do now is keep them alive.


  1. Yippee! I've been wondering how it is going. 6 for 6 - good for you (and kudos to the broody for being a good sport).

    We hatched 13 healthy chicks yesterday in the incubator & 3 not sure if they will make it or not. We are in need of a better incubator that will regulate the temp & humidity better thnn this old-fashioned styrofoam thing we are using. But, happy there are many happy peeps. I am away at a sheep & wool show for 2 days, so the husband is in charge of getting the broody to adopt them. Hope it goes as well as it has for your poults.

    Look forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks Marianne - can't believe our luck, especially with the broody. I have a feeling it all went a little too well and we may be in for a crash soon.

    Well done on your hatch and the good luck with the fostering. Hope all goes well.Look forward to seeing the photos :)

    Are you showing or selling or just having a well deserved break ?

  3. I am showing 3 fleeces (2 Romney and a Lincoln/Romney cross). The judging is "open", meaning the judge gives all her comments and decisions to the audience which really helps. Judith Mckenzie, she is well known in the States. Last year was my 1st year & my (uncoated) fleeces won 2 ribbons. Am showing fleeces from 3 different sheep this year so I can see what the judge has to say about each of them.

    I am also helping at the show ring to learn more, I don't plan to show my sheep (I'm not a big fan of all the stress on the animals, but I understand it is necessary for marketing breeding stock), but I want to learn more so I can make better choices when we add (or delete) from our own little flock. This is a wonderful show called The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene Oregon. You should come visit Oregon next year and come for the show!

    I am worried sick about The Boss and how my little chicks are doing. I'm not asking for updates - otherwise it will seem like I don't think he knows what he's doing. Wouildn't be a show of good faith for the new husband. I just have every one of my fingers crossed. Look forward to hearing more on the poults.