Monday, 19 April 2010

Poultry sorting

Much of the week end was spent moving the hens and chicks to new homes. The Welsh Black and her single Leghorn chick, now 8 weeks old were let amongst the layers. The mix went much better than expected, having their run inside the layers pen, for several weeks, made all the difference as the birds were familiar with each other. Within a couple of hours of being let out of her pen the Welsh Black went to lay in the main house and that evening both her and the chick joined the others to roost, albeit in the nest box. In a week or so's time when the chick becomes a little more independent I will be able to leave her behind with the layers and move the Welsh Black in with the Indian Game flock.

The broody Speckled Sussex and her 7 chicks were moved outside into the 'A' frame ark. They seem to appreciate the fresh air and grass and are a joy to watch. The broody pen was scrubbed and disinfected ready for the next broody, but I decided to move the chicks from the garage into the pen instead. I wasn't happy with the chicks in the garage, there was no natural light or air and they were becoming timid whenever anyone entered.

The pen is smaller but still roomy enough and the positives out way the lack of space. They now have fresh air and daylight, which fades naturally at the end of the day. They can hear the other hens and see sky, trees and birds. They are beginning to get used to us coming and going and will soon become familiar with our daily routine.


  1. This is a lovely page! I found it through PoultryChat. The photos are excellent, especially the rather classy one heading this page! They look rather like the Welsummers we used to keep.
    Thanks for the informative and very readable blog. I've bookmarked the site and look forward to the next instalment!

  2. Hi Ken, thank you for your kind comments. I'm afraid I just witter on and am surprised that people actually read it :)