Sunday, 3 February 2013

Welsummer X Indian Game

At 11+ weeks old the cockerels from the Gold Duckwing Welsummer X Light Laced Indian Game hatch are beginning to grow away from the pullets of the same hatch. They are showing promise for good table birds, with strong legs and broad breast.

In a couple of weeks time I'll separate the cockerels from the pullets giving both sexes a chance to reach their full potential.

Of the 17 birds to hatch there are 9 pullets and 8 cockerels. The variety of colour still amazes me and there are some very pretty pullets amongst them.

( Photo:The 3 birds in the foreground / centre of the photo show the variety in colouring of the pullets)

Although birds are often sold as POL at 18 weeks old I think 23+ weeks is probably more realistic for the more traditional breeds of which these are. If so the young pullets should come into lay around Easter time.

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