Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yet more chicks

( Photo: taken Thursday 15th March 2012 10 of 12 chicks)

I knew I was becoming a little slack in my postings recently but I hadn't realised I had left it quite so long.

On Monday the eggs under the broody Speckled Sussex started to hatch, the last little chick emerged late yesterday evening.

As always the Speckled Sussex has been the perfect broody and has won a place in my heart for being so trusting towards me, as I lifted her from her pen each day she was sitting for a break.

Of the 15 eggs set 1 was clear, 1 I found broken in the nest on day 16 (from the smell it had probably stopped developing earlier) and 1 failed to completely hatch. So from 15 eggs 12 beautiful, healthy chicks and from the mix evidence that all the cockerels are fertile.

Eggs set:

5 Gold Duckwing Welsummer - all hatched ( cockerel young one - 2010)
4 Exchequer Leghorn - 3 hatched 1 failed to hatch completely
2 Speckled Sussex hen /Gold Duckwing Welsummer cockerel ( cockerel young one - 2010 ) - both hatched
4 Maran hen / Gold Duckwing cockerel (senior) - 2 hatched 1 clear 1 found broken in the nest on day 16


  1. yay!

    I'm still waiting to have a broody....

  2. I have an Indian Game on eggs now- could really do with another soon rather than set the incubator up again.