Sunday, 19 February 2012

New broody pen

Since Tuesday when we brought her back from the yard the broody hen has been sitting in a box on the poultry shed floor, growling at all who enter. Today she has been installed in a new pen, giving both her and us a little peace.

She has been an absolute star, resolutely sitting tight throughout all the noise and 'comings and goings' of building the new pen.

As a rule the broodies usually have an ark with a run attached, on the grass, but despite today being a beautiful spring like day, winter is still with us.

Photo: Pens in the poultry shed

The pens in the poultry shed work really well. Three sides of the shed are insulated for a more stable temperature.

The bottom pen has a removable floor to protect the shed floor. The doors and plinth are removable for easy cleaning and also to extend the pen as the chicks grow. The corners have been rounded off slightly to prevent young chicks from crowding together in the corner risking suffocation

The top pen has a plinth that can fixed behind the doors to stop any chicks from falling out when the doors are opened but which can be removed for ease of cleaning.

As a temporary measure I have draped a cloth over one of the doors to give the broody hen a little privacy.

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